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This section is designed to provide you with all the resources you’ll need to present clean air issues to all age groups – from kindergarten to high school. Browse our links to find government and corporate sources of environmental information, streaming video, and web cams, and lesson plans from other teachers.

Links for teachers…

United States Environmental Protection Agency: Project AIRE

This site contains dozens of warm-up exercises, activities, and reading materials formatted as PDF files. Adaptable for all grade levels.


EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards Education and Outreach Group

Timely and accurate information delivered via satellite conferencing allowing participants to interact with the nation’s leading authorities on air pollution control findings. Over 100 governmental and university broadcast affiliates located across the United States are listed where seminars are available.


Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act

Tired of interpreting legalese for your students? This collection of pages explains what the clean air act really means.


History of the Clean Air Act

Ever wondered why the Clean Air Act was created in the first place? Do you need to know the history of the Clean Air Act for a school project? This site is the place to find out.


Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission

A good resource containing dozens of specific lesson plans for students in grades K through 12 on topics including air quality, pollution control, acid rain, and ozone concerns.


EPA Environmental Education Center

A valuable resource for teachers covering curriculum ideas and activities, community service projects, workshops and conferences, plus much, much more.


Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

A list of agencies, institutions, and organizations offering environmental education packages. While aimed at Virginia, the information lists materials of use to educators in any state.


Air Pollution: What’s the Solution?

An educational project for students, grades 6 – 12, that uses online real time data to guide student discovery of the science behind the causes and effects of ground level ozone.


EPA Student Center

Aimed at junior and senior high school students, this site offers a multitude of ideas, resources, and games, even help for homework.


Clean Coal Technology

America’s electric power industry is implementing clean coal technology to reduce emissions and meet the nation’s growing demand for affordable electricity.


The Know Zone

The Air Resources Board’s (ARB) Teachers’ KnowZone is the place to find information and teaching materials on air quality and environmental issues.


Spare the Air

A wide variety of information related to cleaner air from the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District.


American Lung Association

Loads of information about air quality and lung disease, including indoor air quality.


Teachers’ Tools & Workshops

EPA Annual Air Quality Workshops for Educators

USEPA has a lot of air quality, health and teacher sites. USEPA in RTP has annual (usually in July) air quality workshops for teachers. Participants receive 1 CEU and Criteria 1 credit towards Office of Environmental Education certification.


Review Lesson plans

Look at what other teachers have done for their students.


Submit Lesson Plans

Share your expertise with your colleagues.


Anti-Idling information for School Buses

Unnecessary school bus idling pollutes the air, wastes fuel, and causes excess engine wear. Fortunately, it’s easy to implement practices that reduce school bus idling.


Order Educational Materials for the Classroom

The following materials are available for local teachers and educators. Feel free to display air awareness posters around school and in faculty areas. Be sure to order a copy of the Ozone Education Video which has segments aimed at all age groups.

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